Stained Glass in Saint Paul’s

The Great West Window (13)

Upper tier

The Great West Window displays two tiers of figures, each in long canopies with geometrical gothic decoration.

On either side of the Holy Family are the two Evangelists who are not depicted in the windows of the Chancel.

S Luke is shown with a quill and a winged bull.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, is making a gesture of humility and is holding a book, perhaps to signify her great song, the Magnificat.

Our Lord, is holding a book, perhaps of judgement or of the New Testament.

S Joseph is holding a lily to signify purity.

S Mark is shown with a quill and a winged lion.

West Window

Lower tier

Fr Wagner changed his mind about this selection of saints associated with S Paul.

S Timothy, S Paul’s “beloved son in faith”, is shown as bishop of Ephesus

S Barnabas, a native of Cyprus, introduced S Paul to the Apostles and so led him to the church.  He is holding some stones which usually refer to S Stephen, whose death by stoning S Paul witnessed.  S Stephen the deacon was included in the original designs for this window, so perhaps only the name was changed.

S Paul, like Our Lord, faces directly forward.  He holds a book of his epistles and the sword of his martyrdom.

S Matthais was chosen to take the place of Judas Iscariot and was the last Apostle appointed before S Paul. He holds the pole axe which martyred him.

S Titus was another favourite of S Paul. He became the first bishop of Crete.

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