The Clergy, Officers and PCC of Saint Paul’s are committed to good safeguarding practices and the safety and well-being of all those in our community.

If you wish to speak to someone regarding a safeguarding concern, or would like to have more information, please contact the Diocesan Safeguarding team:

Tel: 01273 425792, or email the Diocesan Adviser here.
The Chichester Diocesan Safeguarding website is here.

You may also contact our Parish Safeguarding Officer, Susan Gale, on: 01273-203231

Here is a link to the Statutory Authority website for safeguarding concerns, especially for concerns regarding children.

If you have any concerns about Safeguarding then these are the people you can turn to:

Our Vicar
Fr. Robert Norbury~ 01273 727362

The churchwardens
Mr A Potter ~ 01273-501588
Mr Adrian Girvan ~ 07733 278 289

Deputy churchwardens
Mr John Nutting ~ 07958-723369
Mrs Susan Gale ~ 01273-203231

The Parish Safeguarding Officer
Mrs Susan Gale  ~  01273-203231

The team of licensed/accredited ministers
Fr. Richard Tuset, (Assistant Curate)  ~  01273-203056

Church Administrator
Mr John Burdett ~ 01273-203231

Employed staff
Do you need to work with anyone employed by the church? E.g. cleaners, premises officers/caretakers, administrators – The Churchwardens are responsible for this.

Who co-ordinates work in your church related to children, young people, adults at risk (e.g. Sunday School, youth club, visiting team, transport)?
Mrs Susan Gale ~ 01273-203231

Who are the other youth and children’s/adults at risk’ workers?
Mrs J Richards (Foundation Governor) ~ 01273-608633

Who will you talk to if you observe or are told about Safeguarding concerns?
Mrs Susan Gale ~ 01273-203231