Stained Glass in Saint Paul’s

The Windows in the Narthex (21, 22, 23, 24, 25) 



S Catherine of Alexandria, (d. circa 310) The palm she holds indicates she was a martyr. She carries a book that represents her great learning, with which she argued against the pagan philosophers.  She was martyred on a spiked wheel.

S Margaret of Antioch, (d. circa 304) was another popular maiden martyr who is shown holding her palm and crushing a dragon with the cross of faith.

Narthex - St Catherine & St Margaret
Narthex - St Anne
Narthex - St Elizabeth

S Anne, the mother of Our Lady, who stands as a child before her, holding a lily that proclaims her virginity.

S Elizabeth, the mother of S John the Baptist, who stands before her with a placard proclaiming the Lamb of God.


S Benedict, (c.480-550) founded the Benedictine order of monks who greatly extended Christianity through Western Europe.  He is carrying the book of his monastic rule.

S Martin, (316-397) first a soldier, then a monk and finally the bishop of Tours. He is shown giving alms to a beggar.

Narthex - St Benedict & St Martin
Narthex - St Thomas More & St John Fisher


S Thomas More, (1478-1535)  beheaded by Henry VIII for refusing the oath of supremacy. He is shown in the robes and gold chain of the Lord Chancellor of England, carrying a book of his writings, such as “Utopia”.

S John Fisher, (1469-1535) bishop of Rochester, beheaded by Henry VIII for refusing the oath of supremacy.  He was created a cardinal just before his death.

Narthex - St Paul

S Paul, is seated in majesty. The scroll, rather hidden by the metal support, says in Latin “Paul our patron”.

Around him, six angels bear scrolls of praise.

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