Every Man Remembered


The British Legion is running a project


The idea is for every man in the forces who died as a result of that war to be linked with a person living today.


Just over 50 men from S. Paulís gave their lives in that war. The PCC would like to invite all members of S. Paulís to choose from the list on of those men to remember particularly in their prayers. These men walked where we are walking now. They brought their joys and sorrows here, and it was here that they knelt to receive the Blessed Sacrament. All that is asked from us is to pray for them an remember them for the four years of the Commemoration of the War.


Click here to see the list of names


Click here for passages from the VICAR'S LETTER 1915 & 1917


Please make sure that every man has someone to remember him before doubling up.


For more information about the man you have chosen to befriend, please ask Pamela James.