The Stained Glass in Saint Paul’s Church, Brighton


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Doctors of the Church


The North wall of the sacristy, which is usually closed to visitors, was originally an exterior wall and it has a window with two lights.  There is a letter from Fr Wagner commissioning these two images that represent the theologians of the Greek and the Latin church.




S John Chrysostom (344-407) was the controversial Patriarch of Constantinople, who was given the name of ‘Golden-mouth’ because of his inspiring sermons which were regularly received with applause and cheering. However, the beehive at his feet is usually an attribute of S Ambrose, the Prefect and Archbishop of Milan, another Doctor of the Church, the mentor of the Western Emperor Gratian and of S Augustine of Hippo.


S Augustine of Hippo, (354-430) the great Doctor of the Western Church who established Latin scholarship for the whole of the middle ages. He is depicted in his episcopal robes with a processional cross.


Detail of the bees around their hive: